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Tom Richards is the Owner/ Operator of CVS Complete Video Solutions. Tom has been involved in the Television /Film industry for over 31 years. In 1975 he became well known to Australian Television audience for his role in Matlock Police as, Snr Det Steve York. Since then Tom has starred in many Australian Television series and Films amongst those is the Film "Dawn" ( based on the Champion Olympic Swimmer, Dawn Fraser) and Sons & Daughters as David Palmer.

Tom started CVS 15 years ago producing Body Boarding and Wave Ski videos and has gone on to build a successful production company specializing in low budget videos for the small and medium businesses.

Tom shares the duties of producer, director, cameraman to keep budget costs low. Quite often his talents are called upon from other production companies (sample of his work for TV fishing show:- Fishing for Wild Images -Egypt-Brazil camerman/director)


Elna Teoh is a co-producer/ director with CVS. She has well rounded experience when it comes to television.  She has a degree in Masters of Communication Studies with honours, majoring public service broadcasting from Auckland University of Technology. She started as a television journalist for Asia Down Under (formerly known as Asia Dynamic) in Auckland, New Zealand.  In 2003, she moved to Sydney and her skills in filming, directing, editing, and producing were well utilised in the role of a Communication Officer.  Her passion in environment conservation and in making contributions to humanity. 


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Bradley.R.Holland has been assoicated with CVS Complete Video Solutions for the pass 4 years as a freelance producer and Publicity Dircetor. Bradley is a regular guest speaker at various animal expos around Australia. He is currently a Director and P. R. Officer in the kids & youth talent agency, Toad Management / Clever Animals.

Bradley has worked in the Television & Film industry for the last 12 years, in different areas of production covering theatre, TV cs, Short Films as well acting in various Television serials and films. His knowledge and talents of the industry are proving a winning formula at CVS.



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