Keys2Drive is an Australian Government funded program providing learner DRIVERS and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

As soon as DRIVERS move from L's to P's their risk of being in a crash jumps dramatically and stays very high for about six months. This is largely due to the abrupt change in circumstances - from being closely supervised on L's and told what to do, to driving unsupervised on P's.Your challenge when preparing your learner for P plate driving is to avoid saying "Do as I say" and help your learner Find Their Own Way by encouraging them to become responsible for their own learning. On P's they will have much to learn about the new circumstances without you alongside to help; they need to be good at learning on their own when they start their P's.

As an experienced DRIVER, you are used to being in control of the car. As a supervisor, you are sitting alongside a very inexperienced driver - you may feel a need to control the car by controlling the driver. Being controlling is a recipe for trouble, and doesn't help your driver learn to take control of their safety.

The desire to teach and control is natural, understandable, and ultimately unhelpful. How much control will you have when they start P plate driving

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