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The Safer Drivers Course is a combined theoretical and practical course for learner drivers under 25 years-old who have completed 50 log book driving hours.

The Safer Drivers Course involves two modules:

Module 1: A three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road.

Module 2: A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session with a coach and another learner to develop low-risk driving strategies

Benefits of attending a Safer Drivers Course

The course aims to provide learner drivers with driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances so they are more prepared when they drive unsupervised on their provisional licences.
The course also aims to help learners identify situations that will put them at greater risk of a crash and consider strategies that will help avoid them.

Gaining 20 hours of log book credit

After completing the Course, a learner will receive 20 hours of credit in their log book, meaning they only need to complete 100 hours of supervised driving outside the Course.
If they also do 10 hours of professional driving lessons, they’ll receive a further 20 hours of credit on top of the 10 hours driving they do during the lessons.

Learner driver


Supervised driving hours

Logbook total

Safer Drivers Course




10hrs of professional lessons




Safer Drivers Course and 10hrs professional lessons




* This is in addition to the 10 hours spent driving during the lessons. Professional lessons more than 10 hours will not provide additional credit.

How to book a Safer Drivers Course

Simply view the Safer Drivers Course Providers list and contact the Provider directly.
Or you can call 13 22 13 to find out where the closest Course Provider is.
Because the Course is being gradually rolled-out in NSW, Providers are not currently available in all areas. You're encouraged to continue checking the Safer Drivers Course Providers list to find out when a Course is available in your area, however you can choose to do a course in any location.
The Course costs $140 and can be paid directly to the Course Provider, not Roads and Maritime Services.
Learners who attend the Safer Drivers Course must bring their learner licence and learner driver log book with them.


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