Students who went for their driving test in the last few weeks - All passed on their first attempt

MIRANDA RMS: - Congratulations to Iva; Journie; Ashley; Reece; Hayden(manual); Alex; Iris

BEVERLEY HILLS RMS: - Congratulations to Alec; Lincoln

ROCKDALE: RMS: - Congratulations to Fiona; Jarryd

MIRANDA: RMS: - Congratulations to Drew.

ROCKDALE: RMS: - Congratulations Matthews - pass first attempt in manual car. Safe driving

BEVERLEY HILLS : - Congratulations to Vayor - passed first attempt n auto. DSafe driving

MASCOT : - Congratulations Laura - passed frist atempt. Safe driving always

BEVERLEY HILLS : - Congratulations Emma. Well done and driving manual

Well done.


Journie: - "Really enjoyed the lessons and learnt a lot about safety - very happy to get 3 hours for 1 hour lesson, helped to get my hours up. The best part was the tips to know when going for my licence. Really glad I passed first go. Thank you."  

Ashley: - "Thank you for your help and showing me about speed management - also what  I should know about doing a licence test. I was
excited to pass my test on the first attempt. Hope to have years of safe driving"

Hayden: - "Thanks so much for your help in getting my licence. All the little things to be aware of really helped me in getting my licence first go. Your help has shown me how to be a better driver."

Iris: - "Never thought I would get my licence on first attempt. Really appreciated the time and guidance. Have now changed my driving style."

Drew: - Thanks Tom excited that I got my licence first go. Thanks for your help and tips.

Vayor: - Tom I just want to let you know I got my Ps. Near perfest score. Thank you for your guidance and tutelage.

Matt: - Thanks again - Your guidance was appreciated. First go pretty happy.

Congratulations to Col - Llloyd - Vu - Emiily - Bella - Patrick - All passsing their test for their "P"

Lloyd's dad :- I want to thank you for getting Lloyd through his driving teat yesterday. Great job. Thanks Doug Hardingham

Patrick: - Hey Tom it's Patrick. I passed my test.Thank you for the help much appreciated.

Bella: - Tom passed my Test today. Thanks for all your help. Feels so good to finally drive by myself.

Vu: - Thank you so much Thomas for helping me - I passed today.

Emily's Mother: - Apologies Tom we will not be needing your help any more. Em passed her test - thnak you so much for your guidance and help

Laura: - Many thanks for your itps and direction

Emma: - Thanks Tom - picked the right route.

Katarina: - Thanks you so much for helping me get my "P" first go.

Matt: - Thanks Tom all the tips Getting my licence fist go really takes the pressure off

David: - Got it Tom Thanks heaps 1st go and all

Hillary: Thank you Tom had agreat jounry over a year. Every lesson of my 120 with you - And I got my "P"





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