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tom coverdvd

"The Sons & Daughters Interviews"

presented by Tom Richards

Features interviews with Pat the Rat and other stars from the popular Australia Television Series, Sons & Daughters. Presented by Tom Richards, who played David Palmer. Tom takes us to different locations, the show used in Sydney and Melbourne and explains why Sons & Daughters was so successful. Also includes interviews with English fans. Running time approx 50 mts. Price for DVD (PAL) $30 (AUD) plus postage / handling BUY NOW


wave ski madness

Non stop action of the 1991 Invitation Wave ski Titles Championships on the Gold Coast. Wave skiing as you've never seen it before. Featured segments on wave ski design, instructions on how to ride and the roll.

  • Monster Wipeouts
  • Incredible Rides
  • How to Eskimo Roll
  • Insane Aerials
Running time approx 55 minutes DVD Price $35 (AusD)plus postage


All you need to know about wave Skiing to get you up and paddling on the waves. Presented by Tom Richards

Running time approx 50 mts DVD (PAL) price $20 (AUD) BUY NOW




Featuring the incredible Waimea River Mouth, all time footage. Hot new action from Australia & Hawaii. Also an inside look at Board & Wetsuit Production. Running time approx 55 mts.

DVD (PAL) Price $20 (AUD)plus postage BUY NOW




by Frederick Van Rensselar Day

"As I raised my eyes to Sturtevant's I was conscious of mild surprise at the change in his appearance. Yet he was not dressed differently. He wore the same threadbare coat in which he always appeared, and the old brown hat was the same. And yet there was something new and strange in his appearance. As he swished his hat around to relieve it of the burden of snow deposited by the howling nor'wester, there was something new in the gesticulation".

What has changed about Sturtevant? Was it magic? Click the download button below and read a Magic Story.

Let the MAGIC work for you.

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by R. H. Jarrett
If you KNOW what you WANT you can HAVE IT
A concise, definite, resultful plan with rules, explanations and suggestions for bettering your condition in life.

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